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What movies teach us


A Lost bag

A boy found a bag of money n called one FM station: 'hello, I found a lost bag with $100,000, an ID and a master card belonging to one Mr. Afibi.
PRESENTER: U r such an honest boy! So i believe u want to return the bag?
BOY: Nooo! I dey craze? For what? I just want to dedicate a song to him. Play him' Chop my money' by P Square :P

And you thought only humans date?

Here's how a dog introduces her boyfriend to her parents!

The most suitable suitor!

Father in law: young man you are here
to seek my daughter's hand in
marriage and you are chewing gum?
that is lack of respect.
Man: sir i only chew when am drunk or
Father in law: you mean you drink and
Man: sir,i only drink and smoke when i
go to club.
Father in law: you club too?
Man: i am sorry sir,i started clubbing
when i came out of prison.
Father in law: you have been in a
prison before?oh my God!
Man: i went to jail when i killed
Father in law: what!!! You are a
Man: it happened out of anger.it was a
certain old man who didn't allow me
to marry his daughter,so i killed him.
Father in law: you are highly welcome
my son.you are in the right track for
my daughter.....

Why so late?

Teacher: Why are you late? 
Student: Mom and dad were fighting. 
Teacher: They were fighting, so why are you late? 
Student: One shoe was with dad and the other was with mom :D

Abeiku and Atongo

Abeiku and Atongo were arrested for stealing at the shop...The next day, they were sent to the court..
Judge[looked at Abeiku]:
"what did U steal..?"
Abeiku: "A tin of fish.."
Judge:" How many were in..?
Abeiku:" 6 fishes!!"
Judge:" oh ok..U're sentence
to 6 years in prison!!..
Immediately Abeiku fell
down, and started laughing
his lungs out..
Judge[puzzled]: "why are U
haaahaa..My friend, Atongo
stole BAKED BEANS...